We are professional home renovation company

Rose Building Group is a general contracting company, that specializes in project management and residential renovations.
This company was founded on the idea of providing a quality residential renovation service, while building strong customer relationships in the process.
We work hard to help you along every step of the renovation process, while keeping open communication to help set realistic timelines and expectations.
Matthew is a Carpenter by trade, who has brought together a group of individuals that share his passion for quality work, and built a fantastic team of highly skilled, licensed, and professional trades.
We pride ourselves in our ability to execute efficient renovations, our cleanliness during the process, all while never jeopardizing our personal company standard for high level of quality.
Whether you are looking for a bathroom renovation, a full home remodel, or anything in between, Rose Building Group can assist you in bringing your vision to reality.

Master Bedroom Renovation

Why the name Rose Building Group

The idea of the name Rose Building GROUP Inc. was intended to show people that we are a group of individuals that come together as team to complete these renovations. Some contractors will pick 3 names from online to provide an estimate, or always changing out trades for personality issues, payment issues, or other issues that could have been avoided had the contractor vetted their hires first. Our trades have worked for us for a number of years. We would have every one of our trades over to our own homes as we have built strong trust and relationship with them.

Company's Future

When Rose Building Group Inc. was created, this company was simply an idea. An idea which was to bring together a group of individuals who all shared our passion for quality home renovations. We want to continue this idea, and grow a company that will not only expand, but grow because we are creating a place for future clients to come to us confidently. To know that when they use Rose Building Group Inc., it is more than just a company that will provide a quality renovation, but we are a family where we treat our clients homes and projects as if it were our own. Rose Building Group Inc. is looking to build our name and make a mark in the renovation industry where the new standard of work, will be the Rose Building Group standard.

We Cover All Liabilities & Use City Permits

5 million dollar liability insurance

WSIB coverage

Use City Building Permits



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