At Rose Building Group Inc. We are dedicated in providing not only a beautiful basement renovation, but a quality, warm, and comfortable space as well.

When going into a basement renovation, you must treat this as a major renovation. Basements after all, are the mirror square footage of the main and second floors of your home, and must be treated and built using the proper processes, building materials, and building codes as the rest of your home! You wouldn’t let non-experienced company build your home, so why let someone unexperienced construct your renovations?

Rose Building Group Inc. uses conventional framing methods as we believe this is the most quality for your money. Conventional framing with nominal lumber installed correctly, provides the strength, R value, sound dampening, and longevity to last.

We use licensed Electricians and Plumbers for all work completed, and ensure the work is up to current building code standards.

Ensuring that the space we are renovating has been sealed and insulated properly is a major component to any basement renovation. The mechanical components behind your walls are the most important aspect to any renovation completed by a professional, and providing a basement with adequate insulation is your first defense when trying to create a warm and comfortable space for your family.

Following Ontario Building Code, we provide a quality renovation that will rival that of any of our competitors.